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Kolkata Meets CSR Summit – NGOs and Corporates

Forming the First Federation of NGOs in Eastern India
ICCR Auditorium, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata
21st - 22nd, December, 2014

Mission: Rebuilding India

Changing Lives Foundation (www.clf.org.in), is leading the creation of a federation of about 50 NGOs from across Eastern India. For creation of an effective federation, CLF (www.clf.org.in) is organising the first of its kind ‘Kolkata Meets CSR Summit- NGOs and Corporates’. The aim is to “Rebuild India” by also strengthening the ailing NGO sector.

CLF is the first NGO in India that envisions the prospects of NGO-Community-Corporate Partnership models, the 21st century vision of PPP Models for sustainable development. NCCP models have the potential to internalise social challenges with the inclusion of NGOs and community stakeholders. Consequently, it is common man's guess on how CSR can revolutionize the use of NCCP models for a more balanced growth across the world.

The NGOs and Corporates shall have an opportunity to meet, interact and exchange dialogues on opportunities of investments in CSR projects. The Conference shall facilitate these interactions for bringing about more efficiency, productivity and transparency among NGOs so that they are capable of understanding and meeting the expectations of the Business world. It is intended to implement larger and more productive projects in Education, Health, Livelihood, Women Empowerment and Environment to promote economic development in the Eastern India.

Rebuilding India: Rebuilding India File

Rebuilding India - Brand Ambassador:

Vinita Chatterjee, Bollywood Actor and Celebrity

She is the “Fresh Face of 2013 for Star Plus” show featuring Kushal Tandon, Karan Thacker and Anju Mahendru. She has received the Best actor debut Award in cinema Century Awards in 2013. Her upcoming film in Bollywood is “Snn ladki,” being Directed by- Ishan Trivedy who has dione films in the past with Juhi Chawala and Irfan Khan. Vinita is dubuing in Tollywood under Director Rohin Banerjee who had earlier. And last but not the least-she is the only actor singer to collaborate with International Pop sensation Akcent.

Advisory Board:

  • Mr. Nirmal Kumar Chattopadhyay: President, Changing Lives Foundation
  • Ms. Meghna Laha: Social Entrepreneur and Secretary, Changing Lives Foundation
  • Mr. Abhijeet Das: Hide Shine Industries & Director, Changing Lives Foundation

Field wise Specializations:

  • Mr. Amit Kumar: Co-Founder, A Good School, Mentoring Million Minds (Leading Educationist, Secondary School Education)
  • Mr. Deba Kumar Barman: Chairman, J14 Food Industry (Food & Nutrition)
  • Mr. Bhaskar Dutta Goswami: Social Activist, Pioneer in Design of Assam Textiles (Handicrafts)
  • Dr. Madhav Rao: Leading Educationist, Founder Principal, DPS schools (Leading Educationist, College Education)
  • Mr. P. K. Chatterjee: Joint President (HR), Birla Corporation (Corporate Strategies and Management)
  • Mr. Ashok Roy
  • Mr. Samaresh Shah: Certified CSR Consultant and Trainer, National Foundation for CSR under Government of India,

Program Schedule:


Time Slots

Program Description


10 am to 12.30 pm

Inaugural Session



Introductory Videos



Mr. Nirmal Chattaopadhyay: Welcome Speech

Ms. Meghna Laha:  Facing the Inevitable in CSR 2014-2015

Mr. Abhijeet Das: Need for a Federation

Introduction: Vinita Chatterjee



Speech/Talk Show: Special Guests


12.30 pm to 12.45 pm

Tea Break


12.45 t0 1.45 pm

Mr. Abhishek Singh, Asst Secretary, CLF  – Use of Business Models in CSR



Mr. Ishan Kanodia, CA – NGOs in Federation



Awards Ceremony for NGOs


2 pm to 3 pm



3 pm to 4 pm

Speakers from Industry and Institutes


4  pm to 6 pm

NGO Presentations

4 pm to 6 pm

Session will continue


11.30 am to 1.30 pm

Guest Speakers from Industry/Institutes


11 am to 2 pm



2 pm and 3 pm


3 pm to 6 pm

NGO Presentations

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